CA$H PAID 7 DAYS A WEEK for Quality Items!!
To keep up our great selection as fast as it sells, we are always trading and PAYING CASH for quality collections of pop culture artifacts. We will look at collections of any size by call-ahead walk-in or by appointment. We understand the value of all collectibles in our lines to us, to our customers, and to you. We have been buying for decades, have vast experience, knowledge and resources, and will use this to give you the absolute best deal for your items. Whether it's a treasured collection or attic/closet/garage clutter to you, we will always be straight with you about its value. This is why individuals and other dealers have sold to us repeatedly and consistently through the years.
xxx WE CARRY: Comic Books from the latest issue to Golden and Silver age classics, trade paperbacks, manga, D&D, RPGs, Board games, Magic the gathering, Pokemon cards and figures, YuGiOh, toys, action figures, used video games, Mage Knight and Heroclix, miniatures, dice and gaming accessories, comic and card supplies, posters, t-shirts and more!!

WE PURCHASE: pre-1980s and select modern age comic books, any trade paperbacks, manga, CCG collections and single cards, classic and new video games (Nintendo Wii, GameCube, SNES, NES, ATARI, N64, Playstation PS1, PS2, PS3, XBOX, 360, DS, GameBoy, GBA, more), quality records, sealed modern and sealed or loose vintage toys, RPGs, Board Games, Star Wars and Sci-Fi memorabilia, Transformers, GI Joe, sets and boxes of collector cards, basically anything you've got that is in our line or adjacent to it we will look at and make you a fair offer! Re-sell! Recycle!
We cannot price an item without looking at it, but you can email or call ahead if you want to check the overall desirability of your collection or to speak to our buyer. We may travel to see spectacular or vintage collections. Appraisals are available for a fee. Bizarro World 223 E Street Davis 530-759-9490