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Promise, the
TitlePromise, the
Time121 mins
GenreAction; Drama; Fantasy
DirectorKaige Chen
ActorDong-Gun Jang as Kunlun; Hiroyuki Sanada as General Guangming; Cecilia Cheung as Princess Qingcheng; Nicholas Tse as Wuhuan; Ye Liu as Snow Wolf; Hong Chen as Goddess Manshen; Qian Cheng as The Emperor; Calvin Yu as Ye Li; Chun-Xiao as Princess Qingcheng; Xiaotong Guan as Young Qingcheng; Shi Lei as Young Wuhuan; Peng Lu as General in red; Toby Leonard Moore as Wuhan; Qian Po as One-Eye; Anthony Brandon WONG
CinematographyPeter Pau
PlotAn orphaned girl, driven by poverty at such a young age, makes a promise with an enchantress. In return for beauty and the admiration of every man, she will never be with the man she loves. This spell cannot be broken unless the impossible happens: snow falling in spring and the dead coming back to life. Now a grown and beautiful princess, she regrets her promise, for all of the men she's loved has always been met with tragedy. In love again with a man behind a red armor and a golden mask who rescues her from death, she is tormented by their inevitable parting. Meanwhile, Kunlun, the slave of a great general, is searching for the lost memories of a family he once had. Soon the fate of these two intertwine when the princess believes the general to be her hero, thus pulling him into this web of fate. What end will befallen our three characters? Are their fates already sealed by a higher power, or can they still choose a life they want?
ProducerSanping Han; Hong Chen
WriterKaige Chen; Tan Cheung
Promise, the