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Labyrinth -blu
TitleLabyrinth -blu
Time102 mins
GenreAdventure; Family; Fantasy; Musical
DirectorJim Henson
EditionBlu-Ray Edition
ActorDavid Bowie as Jareth; Jennifer Connelly as Sarah; Toby Froud as Toby; Shelley Thompson as Stepmother; Christopher Malcolm as Father; Natalie Finland as Fairy; Shari Weiser as Hoggle; Brian Henson as Hoggle / Goblin; Ron Mueck as Ludo / Firey 2 / Goblin; Rob Mills as Ludo / Firey 3; Dave Goelz as Didymus / The Hat / The Four Guards / Left Door Knocker / Firey 3; David Alan Barclay as Didymus / Firey 1; David Shaughnessy as Didymus / The Hat / The Four Guards / Goblin; Karen Prell as The Worm / The Junk Lady / Firey 2; Timothy Bateson as The Worm / The Four Guards / Goblin
RatingPG (Parental Guidance)
CinematographyAlex Thomson
PlotWhen teen Sarah is forced to babysit Toby, her baby stepbrother, she summons Jareth the Goblin King to take him away. When he is actually kidnapped, Sarah is given just thirteen hours to solve a labyrinth and rescue him.
ProducerGeorge Lucas; Eric Rattray
WriterJim Henson; Terry Jones
SubtitlesEnglish; French; Portuguese; Spanish
Labyrinth -blu