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Bingo / Race the Sun
TitleBingo / Race the Sun
Time89 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Comedy; Family
DirectorMatthew Robbins
ActorCindy Williams as Natalie Devlin; David Rasche as Hal Devlin; Robert J. Steinmiller Jr. as Chuckie Devlin; David French as Chickie Devlin; Kurt Fuller as Lennie; Joe Guzaldo as Eli; Glenn Shadix as Duke; Janet Wright as Waitress; Wayne Robson as Four Eyes; Suzie Plakson as Ginger; Simon Webb as Steve; Tamsin Kelsey as Bunny; Norman Browning as Prosecutor; James Kidnie as Defense Attorney; Blu Mankuma as Motorcycle Cop
CinematographyJohn McPherson
PlotBingo, the runaway circus dog, is off the leash and saving Chuckie's life! Bingo and the boy become the best of friends in this canine comedy featuring doggy disguises and skateboarding, pinball and prison. Chuckie and his parents (Cindy Williams and David Rasche) are moving house, a thousand miles away, but Bingo won't be allowed to join them. Chuckie and Bingo's determination to be reunited is t
ProducerJohn Jacobs; Warren Carr
WriterJim Strain
Bingo / Race the Sun