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Trials Of Jimmy Rose 1
TitleTrials Of Jimmy Rose 1
Time180 mins
GenreDrama; Mystery
DirectorAdrian Shergold
ActorRay Winstone as Jimmy Rose; John Lynch as DI Steve McIntyre; Paul Jesson as Roy Anderson; Marion Bailey as Sue Anderson; Amanda Redman as Jackie Rose; Tom Cullen as Joe Rose; Pippa Bennett-Warner as Kerry Irwin; Leticia Dolera as Maria Rose; Charlotte Randle as Julie Cooper; Israel Oba as Earl Pizza Boss; Jack Colgrave Hirst as Aaron Stanley; Montanna Thompson as Ellie Cooper; Daisy Cooper-Kelly as India Rose; Jadon Carnelly Morris as Elliot Cooper; Akin Gazi as Mehmet Guzman
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyTony Slater Ling
Plot'The Trials of Jimmy Rose' follows the personal life of criminal Jimmy Rose. Jimmy is released from prison following a 12-year stretch for armed robbery and can�t wait to get home. Despite his grandson Elliot�s excitement and his daughter Julie�s happiness at having her father home after suffering a painful divorce, his homecoming is ruined by his wife Jackie�s distance. His granddaughter Ellie and his estranged son Joe are also notably absent.
ProducerKieran Roberts; Jane Dauncey
WriterAlan Whiting; Dom Shaw
Trials Of Jimmy Rose 1