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Steam Engines Of Oz
TitleSteam Engines Of Oz
Time79 mins
GenreAdventure; Animation; Family; Fantasy
DirectorSean Patrick O'Reilly
ActorMatthew Kevin Anderson as The Tin Man; Ashleigh Ball as Victoria; Elijah Dhavvan as Gromit; Geoff Gustafson as Scarecrow; Erik Hendrix as Guard 1/Guard 2; Julianne Hough as Locasta; Scott McNeil as Phadrig; Harmony O'Reilly as Flying Monkey #1; Kiefer O'Reilly as Kemp; Michelle O'Reilly as Lucilia; Phoenix O'Reilly as Flying Monkey #2; Sean Patrick O'Reilly as Heflin; Summer O'Reilly as Noomi; Dan Payne as Blackburn; Ron Perlman as Magnus
PlotA century after the Wicked Witch, the Emerald City is at the mercy of a once-revered hero, and salvation comes from the wrench of young Victoria Wright. Rediscover old friends and meet new heroes in this new tale set in the Land of Oz.
ProducerSean Patrick O'Reilly; Michelle O'Reilly
WriterSean Patrick O'Reilly
Steam Engines Of Oz