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Time98 mins
GenreDrama; Foreign; Music
DirectorFrancisco Vargas
Actor�ngel Tavira as Don Plutarco; Gerardo Taracena as Genaro; Dagoberto Gama as Capit�n; Mario Garibaldi as Lucio; Ferm�n Mart�nez as Teniente; Silverio Palacios as Comandante Cayetano; Justo Mart�nez as Hacendado; Octavio Castro as Zacar�as; Carlos Gallardo as Soldado Colaborador; Humberto Castillo as Ni�o Mensajero; Cornelia Cruz as Vendedora; �ngeles Cruz as Jefa Guerrillera 1; Alfonso L�pez as Jefe Guerrillero 3; Mercedes Hern�ndez as Jacinta; Ariel Galvan as Joaqu�n
RatingUR (Unrated)
CinematographyOscar Hijuelos; Martin Boege
PlotIn an unnamed Latin American country that closely resembles Mexico, the government fights a rural insurgency with torture, assault, rape, and murder. Soldiers descend on a town, cutting off the rebels from their cache of ammunition hidden in a field. A family of grandfather, son, and grandson are among the rebels in the hills. The grandfather, with his violin over his shoulder, tries to pass the checkpoint, ostensibly to tend his corn crop. The commanding officer lets him pass but insists on a daily music lesson.
ProducerHugo Rodr�guez; �ngeles Castro
WriterFrancisco Vargas