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Robot World
TitleRobot World
Time82 mins
GenreScience Fiction; Thriller
DirectorNeil Rowe
ActorIan Rowe as Pilot; Tamsyn Pickford as Com2; Neil Rowe as Com1; Jacob Peter Rowe as Baby / BBQ Child D; Claire Soper as BBQ Guest A; Paul Soper as BBQ Guest B; Lisa Mitchell as BBQ Guest C; Tony Mitchell as BBQ Guest D; Amanda Rowe as BBQ Guest E; Alex Soper as BBQ Child A; Izzy Soper as BBQ Child B; Olivia Mitchell as BBQ Child C
RatingNR (Not Rated)
Plot50 years from now, a pilot (Ian Rowe) is sent 60 light years across the galaxy through a new device capable of crossing the extra spatial dimensions. His mission is to orbit and reconnoiter the planet then return home. The planet is known to be populated by intelligent life. Once at his destination the pilot has to perform an emergency landing and becomes marooned on the alien planet, and soon discovers the planets only inhabitants are predatory machines.
ProducerJason Price; Neil Rowe
WriterNeil Rowe
SubtitlesSpanish; English (SDH)
Robot World