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Mchale's Navy: Season 1
TitleMchale's Navy: Season 1
Time30 mins
GenreComedy; War; Games
DirectorNorman Abbott; Sidney Lanfield
ActorErnest Borgnine as Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale; Tim Conway as Ensign Charles Parker; Gavin MacLeod as Happy; Billy Sands as 'Tinker' Bell; Joe Flynn as Captain Wallace B. Binghamton; Carl Ballantine as Lester Gruber; Gary Vinson as George Christopher; Edson Stroll as Virgil Edwards; Yoshio Yoda as Fuji Kobiaji; John Wright as Willy Moss; Bob Hastings as Lt. Elroy Carpenter; Herbert Lytton as Admiral Reynolds; Syl Lamont as Yeoman Tate; Jane Dulo as Nurse Molly Turner; Tita Marsell as The Hula Girl
CinematographyRay Rennahan; Lionel Lindon; John L. Russell; Fred Mandl; Neal Beckner; John F. Warren; Bud Thackery; William Margulies; Benjamin H. Kline; Ray Flin; Richard L. Rawlings
PlotA Lively, Light-hearted Romp Through The Pacific Theater Of Operations An experienced South Pacific Sea Dog, by the name of Quinton McHale, was commissioned as a Lieutenant Commander into the U.S. Navy Reserve, at the start of World War II, and made the Skipper of the Torpedo Patrol (PT) Boat #73, stationed at the U.S. Naval Installation on the island of Taratupa, in the Southwest Pacific. Assigned to his command were 6 free-spirited, good-hearted Swabbies who loved to have fun, but who Though they usually ignored Navy regulations Did their jobs, and did them well, when duty called. The 73 �Family' included, among others, a con man and amateur Magician, a womanizing hunk, a dedicated Family man, a guitar-playing, moonshine-making Tennessee good ol' boy, and even a deserter from the Japanese Navy, who was an excellent cook. Second in command, was Ensign Charles Parker, a young spit-and-polish, by-the-book Officer from Chagrin Falls Ohio, who was somewhat of a klutz, but
ProducerEdward Montagne
WriterBob Fisher; Jerry Davis
Mchale's Navy: Season 1