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Hideous Kinky
TitleHideous Kinky
Time98 mins
GenreDrama; Romance
DirectorGillies MacKinnon
ActorKate Winslet as Julia; Said Taghmaoui as Bilal; Bella Riza as Bea; Carrie Mullan as Lucy; Pierre Clementi as Santoni; Abigail Cruttenden as Charlotte; Ahmed Boulane as Ben Said; Sira Stampe as Eva; Amidou as Sufi Sheikh; Michelle Fairley as Patricia; Kevin McKidd as Henning; Peter Youngblood Hills as Hippy; Mohcine Barmouni as Aziz; Annouar Zrika as Hicham; Mohamed Cherkaoui as Hadaoui
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyJohn de Borman
PlotIn 1972, disenchanted about the dreary conventions of English life, 25-year-old Julia heads for Morocco with her daughters, six-year-old Lucy and precocious eight-year-old Bea.
ProducerMarina Gefter; Mark Shivas
WriterEsther Freud; Billy MacKinnon
Hideous Kinky