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Ellis Island
TitleEllis Island
Time150 mins
GenreSpecial Interest; Documentary; Mystery
DirectorPhil Rosen
ActorDonald Cook as Gary Curtis; Peggy Shannon as Betty Parker; Jack La Rue as Dude; Joyce Compton as Adele; Bradley Page as Solo; Johnny Arthur as Kip Andrews; George Rosener as Uncle Ted Kedrich; Maurice Black as Nails; Matty Fain as Turk; Bryant Washburn as Peter James; Monte Vandergrift as Moxey; Lew Kelly as Farmer; Agostino Borgato as Zattos; Ann Brody as Matron; E.H. Calvert as Commissioner H.L. Carson
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyM.A. Anderson
PlotIt opens in 1926 when three bank robbers, Theodore Kedrich, Jan Imarski, and Petra Lonelli, stage a daring daylight bank robbery and get away with a million dollars in cash. They are soon apprehended and sent to prison for ten years but the money is not recovered. Flash forward to 1936 when all three men have been released from prison and are about to be deported back to where they came from via the Deportation department at Ellis Island. They arrive by the ferry boat and already on hand to bid them adieu, and possibly learn where they stashed the missing money, is gang leader Dude and his three henchmen, Nails, Moxie and Bugs, and also Kendrich's niece Betty Parker there to bid old Uncle Ted a fond goodbye. Also on Ellis Island is a crook called Solo, who has an upper hand as he has stolen the credentials of a Treasury Agent named Peter James and has access to the prisoners, and has cut a deal with Kendrichs to get him off of Ellis Island.
ProducerMaury M. Cohen
WriterArthur T. Horman
Ellis Island