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Dear Heart
TitleDear Heart
Time114 mins
GenreComedy; Family
DirectorDelbert Mann
ActorGlenn Ford as Harry Mork; Geraldine Page as Evie Jackson; Angela Lansbury as Phyllis; Michael Anderson Jr. as Patrick; Barbara Nichols as June Loveland; Patricia Barry as Mitchell; Charles Drake as Frank Taylor; Richard Deacon as Mr. Cruikshank; Neva Patterson as Connie Templeton; Ken Lynch as The Masher; Ruth McDevitt as Miss Tait; Alice Pearce as Miss Moore; Mary Wickes as Miss Fox; Joanna Crawford as Emile Zola Bernkrant; James O'Rear as Marvin
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyRussell Harlan
PlotA lonely Ohio spinster hopes to find romance when she travels to New York City for a postmasters' convention.
ProducerMartin Manulis
WriterTad Mosel
Dear Heart