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Bossa Nova
TitleBossa Nova
Time95 mins
GenreComedy; Drama; Romance
DirectorBruno Barreto
EditionSpecial Edition
ActorAmy Irving as Mary Ann Simpson; Antonio Fagundes as Pedro Paulo; Alexandre Borges as Ac�cio; Debora Bloch as T�nia; Drica Moraes as Nadine; Giovanna Antonelli as Sharon; Rogerio Cardoso as Vermont; Serj�o Loroza as Gordo; Fl�vio S�o Thiago as Pe�anha; Alberto de Mendoza as Juan; Pedro Cardoso as Roberto; Stephen Tobolowsky as Trevor; Kazuo Matsui as Wan-Kim-Lau; C�ssia Linhares as Reporter; Kate Lyra as English School Receptionist
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyPascal Rabaud
PlotBossa Nova is a romantic comedy that enfolds many love convergences and divergences, in today�s Rio de Janeiro. It�s in the city�s �useless landscape� that the lonely hearts of nine characters will cross destinies and they�ll discover new passions. The meeting place for these journeys is a charming English teacher, Mary Ann Simpson, former airline stewardess, who�s been living in Rio for two years, since she became a widow, and the newly separated Pedro Paulo. They approach each other without a hint that their lives will be linked by many characters and incidents.
ProducerBruno Barreto; Marcelo Santiago
WriterAlexandre Machado; Fernanda Young
Bossa Nova