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Black Adder Complete 1 2 3 Forth Back and Forth
TitleBlack Adder Complete 1 2 3 Forth Back and Forth
Time292 mins
GenreAdventure; Comedy; History
DirectorMartin Shardlow; Geoff Posner
ActorRowan Atkinson as The Laird of Roxburgh / Selkirk and Peebles; Tim McInnerny as Percy / Duke of Northumberland; Patrick Allen as Narrator; Elspet Gray as Gertrude / Queen of Flanders; Brian Blessed as Richard XII of Scotland; Tony Robinson as Baldrick / Bachelor of the Parish of Chigwell; Robert East as Harry / Prince of Wales; Perry Benson as Italian Priest; Roy Evans as Abel / A Peasant; David Nunn as Messenger; Bert Parnaby as Cain / A Peasant; Alex Norton as McAngus / Duke of Argyll; Forbes Collins as Trusting Father; Stephen Frost as Soft / A Guard; Barbara Miller as Regan
PlotThrough four series and a few specials, Edmund Blackadder and his greasy sidekick Baldrick conjure up cunning plans as Edmund tries to take advantage of desperate times. These 'situation tragedies' had obvious parallels from the Dark Ages to Elizabethan times, the rule of mad George III, and The Great War. Some character names from the first series are open to debate as they are shown in fancy script on screen, usually against unhelpful backgrounds.
ProducerJohn Lloyd; Geoff Posner
WriterRichard Curtis; William Shakespeare
Black Adder Complete 1 2 3 Forth Back and Forth