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American Samurai
TitleAmerican Samurai
Time90 mins
GenreAdventure; Thriller; Action
DirectorSam Firstenberg
ActorDavid Bradley (II) as Andrew 'Drew' Collins; Mark Dacascos as Kenjiro Sanga; Valarie Trapp as Janet Ward; Rex Ryon as Ed Harrison; Melissa Hellman as Samantha; John Fujioka as Tatsuya Sanga; Douvi Cohen as Stephane; Mark Warren as Turk in Disco / Lars; Koby Azarly as Turk in Disco; Shalom Avitan as Turk in Disco; Baruch Berkin as Hotel Clerk; Aryeh Moskona as Announcer; Michael Morim as Police Chief; Misha Gal as Body Guard; John Slater as Body Guard
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyDavid Gurfinkel
PlotWhen a father passes on the traditional family sword to one of his two adopted sons, the other--in a fit of jealous rage--joins a yakuza drug smuggling mob. When the other son decides to find him and set things straight, things don't seem to go as smoothly as he planned, and a misunderstanding leads the stepbrothers into a Turkish arena to battle swordsmen from around the world.
ProducerAllan Greenblatt; Karen Arbeeny
WriterJohn Corcoran
American Samurai