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Shake, Rattle And Rock
TitleShake, Rattle And Rock
Time83 mins
GenreDrama; Family; Music
DirectorAllan Arkush
ActorRen�e Zellweger as Susan; Howie Mandel as Danny Klay; Patricia Childress as Cookie; Max Perlich as Tony; Latanyia Baldwin as Sireena; Necia Bray as The Sirens; Josina Elder as The Sirens; Wendi Williams as The Sirens; Gerrit Graham as Lipsky; John Doe as Lucky; James Intveld as Bubber; Riki Rachtman as Eddie Cochran; Danny Boy as Cochran's Drummer Boy; Nora Dunn as Margo; Mary Woronov as E. Joyce Togar
RatingPG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
CinematographyJean De Segonzac
PlotIn 1950s America, teenage rebellion comes easy when something like rock 'n' roll is viewed as sinful. Looking to have a good time while they're young, Susan, Cookie and Tony -- three teenagers from a small town -- start a nightclub where host Danny Klay introduces the newest rock 'n' roll talent, and everyone can dance the night away. Of course, not everyone in town is happy with the new establishment.
ProducerDebra Hill; Lou Arkoff
WriterTrish Soodik
SubtitlesEnglish; English (Closed Captioned)
Shake, Rattle And Rock