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Road Show
TitleRoad Show
Time87 mins
GenreComedy; Music; Musical; Romance
DirectorHal Roach
ActorAdolphe Menjou as Colonel Carleton Carroway; Carole Landis as Penguin Moore; John Hubbard as Drogo Gaines; Charles Butterworth as Harry Whitman; Patsy Kelly as Jinx; George E. Stone as Indian; Margaret Roach as Priscilla; Polly Ann Young as Helen Newton; Edward Norris as Ed Newton; Marjorie Woodworth as Alice; Florence Bates as Mrs. Newton; Willie Best as Willie; The Charioteers as The Charioteers - Musical Ensemble; Johnny Arthur as Mr. N - Asylum Inmate; Stanley Blystone as Brawler
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyNorbert Brodine
PlotRich playboy Drogo Gaines is in imminent danger of marrying a gold digger, and escapes by feigning insanity. The joke's on him when he wakes up in an asylum full of comical lunatics. There he befriends Colonel Carraway, and together they escape, catching a ride with a beautiful blonde who proves to be Penguin Moore, carnival owner.
ProducerHal Roach
WriterHarry Langdon; Mickell Novack
Road Show