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Physical Evidence -vhs
TitlePhysical Evidence -vhs
Time99 mins
GenreAction; Crime; Drama; Horror; Thriller
DirectorMichael Crichton
ActorBurt Reynolds as Joe Paris; Theresa Russell as Jenny Hudson; Ned Beatty as James Nicks; Kay Lenz as Deborah Quinn; Ted McGinley as Kyle; Tom O'Brien as Matt Farley; Kenneth Welsh as Harry Norton; Ray Baker as Strickler; Ken James as Hank Carruth; Michael P. Moran as Tony Reugger; Angelo Rizacos as Tony Sklar; Lamar Jackson as Delmar Fraser; Paul Hubbard as Burt Knight; Larry Reynolds as Trial Judge; Peter MacNeill as Brannigan
CinematographyJohn A. Alonzo
PlotA police officer suspended and now accused of murder is forced to join forces with his court-appointed attorney to assemble the pieces of a deadly puzzle to find the missing link before time runs out.
ProducerDon Carmody; Martin Ransohoff
WriterBill Phillips; Steve Ransohoff
Physical Evidence -vhs