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Time88 mins
GenreComedy; Romance; Sports
DirectorCharles Herman-Wurmfeld
ActorAdam Carolla as Jerry Ferro; Oswaldo Castillo as Oswaldo Sanchez; Harold House Moore as Robert Brown; Christopher Darga as Mike LeMat; Jonathan Hernandez as Victor Padilla; Heather Juergensen as Lindsay Pratt; Paul Lincoln Alayo as Boxer Opponent; Rian Bishop as Nationals Trainer; Ascencion Bribiescas as Boxing Student; Antonio Caballero; Derrick Deane as Gym Member; Lorenzo Eduardo as Posse Member #2; John Enos as Steve; Kevin Ferguson as Jeff; Jim Fitzgerald as Announcer
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyMarco Fargnoli
PlotApproaching forty, Ferro is unsatisfied with his life as a construction worker and part-time boxing instructor in Los Angeles, CA. After a successful bout with a young pro boxer, Ferro decides to don the gloves one last time. The movie recounts his unlikely quest for Olympic gold.
ProducerAdam Carolla; Heather Juergensen
WriterAdam Carolla; Kevin Hench
SubtitlesEnglish; Spanish