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Silent Trigger -no case
TitleSilent Trigger -no case
Time94 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Romance; Thriller
DirectorRussell Mulcahy
ActorDolph Lundgren as Shooter; Gina Bellman as Spotter; George Jenesky as Supervisor; Christopher Heyerdahl as O'Hara; Emma Stevens as Target Woman; Alexandria Haber as Peasant Girl; Reynald Robinson as Refugee; Dale Hayes as Refugee; Erin Simms as Refugee; Jonathan Robert Rondeau as Refugee; Carl Alacchi as Soldier; Jonathan Larocque as Soldier; Andreas Apergis as Soldier; Tim Post as Soldier; Jason Cavalier as Soldier
CinematographyDavid Franco
PlotWaxman is a former Special Forces soldier who is now working as a heavily armed assassin for a top secret government agency. When a covert mission goes terribly wrong, Waxman and fellow assassin Clegg become that agency's prime targets.
ProducerNicolas Clermont; Stewart Harding
WriterSergio Altieri
Silent Trigger -no case