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4 Dogs Playing Poker -no case
Title4 Dogs Playing Poker -no case
Time97 mins
GenreCrime; Drama; Mystery; Suspense; Thriller
DirectorPaul Rachman
ActorOlivia Williams as Audrey; Balthazar Getty as Julian; Arly Jover as Maria; Jason Cairns as Oscar; Ruben Moreno as Priest; Daniel London as Kevin; Stacy Edwards as Holly; Steve Jones as Tom; George Lazenby as Carlo; John Taylor as Dick; Tim Curry as Felix; Octavia Spencer as Waitress; Ray Berrios as House Security Guard; Peter Vasquez as Data Security Guard; Ramiro Fabian as Supervisor
CinematographyClaudio Rocha
PlotWith the help of their mentor Felix, a group of the best friends and first-time thieves steal a valuable statuette for a ruthless black market art dealer. After the amateurs botch the delivery of the objet d'art, the dealer kills Felix and forces the remaining four to 'find' $1 million within a week's time or face certain death.
ProducerWilliam Sherak; Jason Shuman
WriterWilliam Quist; Shawn David Thompson
4 Dogs Playing Poker -no case