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Toothless -vhs
TitleToothless -vhs
Time85 mins
GenreComedy; Family; Fantasy; Romance; Science Fiction
DirectorMelanie Mayron
ActorKirstie Alley as Dr. Katherine Lewis; Dale Midkiff as Thomas Jameson; Ross Malinger as Bobby Jameson; Daryl Mitchell as Raul; Kathryn Zaremba as Carrie; Marcus Toji as Trevor; Melanie Mayron as Mindy; Lynn Redgrave as Rogers; Eileen Brennan as Joe #1; Kimberly Scott as Gwen; John P. Connolly as Dr. Green; Catlin Adams as Carrie's Mom; Patrick Kerr as Mr. Wood; Jake Richardson as Jeff; Zack Duhame as Kent
CinematographySandi Sissel
PlotA female dentist is cast into limbo after her death in an accident and is given the assignment to act as the Tooth Fairy as her action to be admitted into heaven.
ProducerDavid Hoberman; Mike Karz
WriterMark S. Kaufman
Toothless -vhs