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Outsiders: Season 1
TitleOutsiders: Season 1
Time593 mins
DirectorPeter Werner; Rosemary Rodriguez
ActorDavid Morse as Big Foster Farrell; Ryan Hurst as Li'l Foster Farrell; Kyle Gallner as Hasil; Thomas M. Wright as Sheriff Wade Houghton; Gillian Alexy as G'Winveer Farrell; Christina Jackson as Sally-Ann; Johanna McGinley as Annalivia Farrell; Ed Heavey as Bhradain Shay; Joe Anderson as Asa Farrell; Danielle Brickman as Big Forsters Girlfriend / Big Fosters Posse / Mountain Clan Core / Ferral Mountain Clan Core; David Dale McCue as Deputy / Extra; Phyllis Somerville as Lady Ray; Mark Jeffrey Miller as Krake; Rebecca Harris as Ledda Dobbs; Billy Hepfinger as Judd Fults
RatingPG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
CinematographyJaime Reynoso; Scott Peck
PlotMembers of the Farrell clan are outsiders who have lived in the rugged and mysterious hills of Appalachia since before anyone can remember. Living off the grid and above the law on their mountaintop homestead, they'll protect their world and defend their way of life using any means necessary.
ProducerPeter Mattei; Daniel Carey
WriterPeter Mattei; Peter Tolan
SubtitlesFrench; English (SDH)
Outsiders: Season 1