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Leave It To Beaver movie  -vhs
TitleLeave It To Beaver movie -vhs
Time88 mins
GenreAdventure; Comedy; Drama; Family
DirectorAndy Cadiff
ActorChristopher McDonald as Ward; Janine Turner as June; Cameron Finley as Beaver; Erik von Detten as Wally; Adam Zolotin as Eddie; Barbara Billingsley as Aunt Martha; Ken Osmond as Eddie Sr.; Frank Bank as Frank; Erika Christensen as Karen; Alan Rachins as Fred Rutherford; E.J. De La Pena as Larry Mondello; Justin Restivo as Lumpy; Geoffrey Pierson as Coach Gordon; Louis Martin Braga III as Gilbert Bates; Glenn Walker Harris Jr. as Punk
CinematographyThomas Del Ruth
PlotCleavers are an all-American family living in Ohio - wise father Ward, loving mother June, teen-age son Wally and 8-year-old 'Beaver' Theodore. Beaver hopes to get a bike as a gift from his father and to please him tries out for his school football team and he makes it, only to be embarrassed. The bike he gets is quickly stolen. Meanwhile Wally is trying to help his friend Eddie Haskell to get the heart of pretty classmate Karen, but Karen seems to like Wally more, and that leads to tensions between the friends.
ProducerRobert Simonds; David Helpern
WriterBrian Levant; Joe Connelly
Leave It To Beaver movie  -vhs