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King Arthur's Britain
TitleKing Arthur's Britain
Time147 mins
GenreDocumentary; History
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotThe 147-minute film is broken into three parts, each standing more or less alone but fitting together into a larger overall story. (Or at least I think that's the intention; there's a lot of repetition of the same points, so it often feels like we're spinning our wheels and going nowhere, instead of moving onward.) Part 1 is called 'King Arthur's Britain,' and seems to focus on the Roman occupation and later withdrawal from Britain. Part 2, 'The Not So Dark Ages,' covers the centuries after the Romans left, and Part 3, 'The Invasion That Never Was' addresses the Saxon invasions.'a lengthy documentary that tackles three separate straw men, 'disproving' ideas that nobody remotely current with the field actually holds. But wait! It gets better. Pryor doesn't just disprove outdated theories, he goes to the opposite extreme, in each case going out on a limb away from what the contemporary understanding of the material is. There's no real substance to the claims, though: he shies away from l
ProducerFrancis Pryor
King Arthur's Britain