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Man Who Never Was
TitleMan Who Never Was
Time103 mins
GenreAction; Drama; History; Thriller; War
DirectorRonald Neame
ActorGeoffrey Keen as Gen. Nye; Michael Hordern as Gen. Coburn; Andr� Morell as Sir Bernard Spilsbury; Laurence Naismith as Adm. Cross; Cyril Cusack as Taxi driver; William Russell as Joe; Stephen Boyd as Patrick O'Reilly; Gloria Grahame as Lucy Sherwood; Joan Hickson as Landlady; William Squire as Lt. Jewell; Terence Longdon as Larry; Miles Malleson as Scientist; Robert Flemyng as Lt. George Acres; Allan Cuthbertson as Vice-Admiral; Richard Wattis as Shop assistanat
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotThe true story of a British effort to trick the Germans into weakening Sicily's defenses before the 1943 attack. A dead soldier is dressed as a British officer and outfitted with faked papers showing that the Allies were intending to invade occupied Greece. His body is put into the sea where it will ultimately drift ashore and the papers be passed along to German Intelligence.
ProducerAndre Hakim
WriterNigel Balchin; Ewen Montagu
SubtitlesEnglish; English (Closed Captioned); Spanish
Man Who Never Was