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Flannel Pajamas
TitleFlannel Pajamas
Time124 mins
GenreDrama; Romance
DirectorJeff Lipsky
ActorJamie Harris as Brad; Tom Bower as Bill; Justin Kirk as Stuart Sawyer; Julianne Nicholson as Nicole Reilly; Matt Walton as Dr. Butler; Rebecca Schull as Elizabeth; Stephanie March as Cathy; Frank Deal as Gregory; Kirby Mitchell as Winston; Jamie Harrold as Jordan; Lauren Bittner as Amanda; Munro M. Bonnell as Jack Reilly; Tracy Sallows as Barbara; Richard Robichaux as Marc; Geraldine Bartlett as Waitress
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotA study of a relationship that starts quickly, burns bright, and then gets rocky, not from any one thing, but from an accumulation of civilization and its discontents. Stuart is glib and generous, Nicole is shy and forthright. Is love enough to see them through?
ProducerBrian Devine; Jonathan Gray
WriterJeff Lipsky
Flannel Pajamas