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Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans -blu
TitleBad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans -blu
Time121 mins
GenreCrime; Drama
DirectorWerner Herzog
FormatBlu-ray Disc
ActorNicolas Cage as Terence McDonagh; Val Kilmer as Stevie Pruit; Brad Dourif as Ned Schoenholtz; Michael Shannon as Mundt; Eva Mendes as Frankie Donnenfeld; Shea Whigham as Justin; Jennifer Coolidge as Genevieve; J.D. Evermore as Rick Fitzsimon; Tom Bower as Pat McDonough; Shawn Hatosy as Armand Benoit; Dane Rhodes as Better; Deneen Tyler as Pharmacist; Tony Bentley as Hurley; Gary Grubbs as Chief of Police; Marco St. John as Eugene Gratz
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyPeter Zeitlinger
PlotTerrence McDonagh, a New Orleans Police sergeant, who starts out as a good cop, receiving a medal and a promotion to lieutenant for heroism during Hurricane Katrina. During his heroic act, McDonagh injures his back and later becomes addicted to prescription pain medication. McDonagh finds himself involved with a drug dealer who is suspected of murdering a family of African immigrants.
ProducerBoaz Davidson; Nicolas Cage
WriterAbel Ferrara; Zo� Lund
SubtitlesEnglish; Portuguese; Spanish
Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans -blu