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Twilight Gagooman
TitleTwilight Gagooman
Time83 mins
GenreDrama; Foreign
DirectorMohammad Rasoulof
ActorFatemeh Bijan; Zalkla Bijan; Ali Reza Mahdaviyan; Ali Reza Shalikaran
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotAlireza Shalikaran is serving time in prison for theft. He is a troublesome figure, trying as he does to escape from the prison and committing acts of violence. A handful he may be, but he finds a caring figure in the prison warden. The warden puts forward the case that Alireza might settle down when he finds a wife. Yet how is Alireza to find a wife when he is enclosed within the prison walls? The task of finding a marriage partner falls to Alireza's mother, who is also in prison. She comes across a young woman, who, though incarcerated for drug-related offences, is respectable. Will the match work? An interesting look at the limits of prison life.
Twilight Gagooman