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Beyond The Trophy
TitleBeyond The Trophy
Time99 mins
GenreCrime; Action
DirectorDaniel J. Gillin
ActorMichael Madsen as Cole Lambert; Stephen Cloud as Det. Terry Wells; Eric Roberts as Sgt. Bachman; Michael Masini as Danny O'Neill; Tommy Lister as Billy Thomas; Ben Maccabee as Mark Bradford; Nicole Andrews as Lana; Ali Costello as Angela; Robert Miano as Gino; Alek Carrera as Jake Le Blanc; Daniel J. Gillin as Hitman at Beach; Drew Gallagher as Kristoph; Brooke Newton as Chastity Bachman; Craig Zucchero as Swat Team Leader; Janet Spitzer as Keisha
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyRiz Story
PlotTwo rival gangs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, led by Gino (Robert Miano) and Cole (Michael Madsen), are vying for control. Danny (Michael Masini), an LAPD undercover police detective, goes deep into gangland to infiltrate one gang to bring down both.
ProducerStraw Weisman; Mike Snyder
WriterDaniel J. Gillin; Michael Adam Hamilton
Beyond The Trophy