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Love For Lydia
TitleLove For Lydia
Time780 mins
GenreDrama; Romance
DirectorTony Wharmby
ActorJeremy Irons as Alex Sanderson; Richard E. Grant as Vicar; Peter Davison as Tom Holland; Irene Rich as Nora Jepson; David Ryall as Bretherton; Ralph Arliss as Blackie Johnson; Sherrie Hewson as Nancy Holland; Rachel Kempson as Aunt Juliana; Christopher Blake as Richardson; Mel Martin as Lydia Aspen; Beatrix Lehmann as Aunt Bertie; Michael Aldridge as Captain Rollo Aspen; Ruby Head as Lily the Maid; Christopher Hancock as Mr. Richardson; Patricia Leach as Mrs. Richardson
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyTony Maynard
PlotThis thirteen-part series explores just how painful love can be for young people. Would-be writer Edward Richardson is in love with heiress Lydia Aspen and wants her all to himself. Lydia professes to be in love with him, but her first love is excitement. There are several other young men who vie with Richardson for Lydia's affection, and she sends mixed signals to them all, playing them off against each other, sometimes with dire results. At least that's the way Richardson sees things, but it's not the whole story.
ProducerTony Wharmby
WriterH.E. Bates
Love For Lydia