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City Heat
TitleCity Heat
Time97 mins
GenreAdventure; Action
DirectorRichard Benjamin
ActorJane Alexander as Addy; Clint Eastwood as Lieutenant Speer; Madeline Kahn as Caroline Howley; Jack Nance as Aram Strossell, the Bookkeeper; Burt Reynolds as Mike Murphy; Rip Torn as Primo Pitt; Irene Cara as Ginny Lee; Richard Roundtree as Dehl Swift; Tony Lo Bianco as Leon Coll; William Sanderson as Lonnie Ash; Nicholas Worth as Troy Roker
PlotSet in Kansas City in 1933, Eastwood plays a police lieutenant known simply by his last name, Speer. Reynolds plays a former cop turned private eye named Mike Murphy. Both Speer and Murphy served on the force together and were once good friends, but are now bitter enemies. When Murphy's partner is slain they team up again to fight the mob.
ProducerFritz Manes
WriterBlake Edwards; Joseph Stinson
City Heat