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Max Headroom: The Complete Series
TitleMax Headroom: The Complete Series
Time336 mins
GenreScience Fiction; Action
DirectorMaurice Phillips; Tommy Lee Wallace
ActorWilliam Morgan Sheppard as Blank Reg; Jeffrey Tambor as Murray; George Coe as Ben Cheviot; Matt Frewer as Edison Carter / Max Headroom; Amanda Pays as Theora Jones; Concetta Tomei as Blank Dominique; Lee Wilkof as Edwards; Chris Young as Bryce Lynch; Virginia Kiser as Mrs. Formby; Hank Garrett as Ashwell; Jere Burns as Breughel
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyRobert M. Stevens; Paul Goldsmith
PlotMax Headroom is the stuff that cult followings are made of. Max, indelible '80s icon, began his stuttering, glitchy computer-generated existence as the host of a British music video showcase. He went on to shill for New Coke, and then got his own fleshed-out back-story in a British TV movie. Credit ABC for taking the bold leap to give Max his own prime-time series in 1987. 'What kind of show is this anyway?' Max asks early on. What, indeed? It's Blade Runner meets Network, a bleak comedy and cyber satire that, even decades later, one can't watch without marveling how something so off-center ever get on the air. Max Headroom's pop culture cachet (featured on the cover of Newsweek, parodied in the comic strip Doonesbury) did not translate into ratings. The show was cancelled after 14 episodes (an unaired episode is included in this set). Decades later, society has caught up to the show that was ahead of its time. The series is set '20 minutes into the future' in a dystopian landscape whe
ProducerSteve Roberts; Peter Wagg
Max Headroom: The Complete Series