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When Do We Eat?
TitleWhen Do We Eat?
Time86 mins
DirectorSalvador Litvak
ActorMichael Lerner as Ira Stuckman; Lesley Ann Warren as Peggy Stuckman; Jack Klugman as Artur; Meredith Scott Lynn as Jennifer; Shiri Appleby as Nikki; Mili Avital as Vanessa; Ben Feldman as Zeke; Adam Lamberg as Lionel; Max Greenfield as Ethan; Cynda Williams as Grace
CinematographyM. David Mullen
PlotWhen Do We Eat? is the story of the 'world's fastest Passover seder' gone horribly awry. It's about an old school dad (Michael Lerner) who's as tough on his sons as his father (Jack Klugman) is on him. On this night, however, one of the boys (Ben Feldman) slips Dad a dose of special, hallucinogenic Ecstasy in order 'to give him a new perspective.'
ProducerSalvador Litvak; Horatio C. Kemeny
WriterNina Davidovich; Salvador Litvak
When Do We Eat?