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Fateless Sorstalans�g
TitleFateless Sorstalans�g
Time140 mins
GenreDocumentary; Drama; Special Interest; War
DirectorLajos Koltai
Actor?ron Dim?ny; Jszsef Gyabronka; Andras M. Kecsk?s; Marcell Nagy as Gyorgy Koves; Bela Dora as Smoker; Balint Pentek as Pretty boy; Aron Dimeny as Bandi Citrom; Peter Fancsikai as Older Kollmann boy; Zsolt Der as Rozi; Andras M. Kecskes as Finn; Dani Szabo as Moskovich; Tibor Mertz as Fodor; P�ter Vida as Lenart; Daniel Craig as US Army Sergeant 2; Endre Hark�nyi
PlotAn Hungarian youth comes of age at Buchenwald during World War II. Gy�rgy K�ves is 14, the son of a merchant who's sent to a forced labor camp. After his father's departure, Gy�rgy gets a job at a brickyard; his bus is stopped and its Jewish occupants sent to camps. There, Gy�rgy find camaraderie, suffering, cruelty, illness, and death. He hears advice on preserving one's dignity and self-esteem. He discovers hatred. If he does survive and returns to Budapest, what will he find? What is natural; what is it to be a Jew? Sepia, black and white, and color alternate to shade the mood.
ProducerAndras Hamori; Ildiko Kemeny
WriterImre Kertesz
Fateless Sorstalans�g