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Sinner: Season 1
TitleSinner: Season 1
Time60 mins
GenreMystery; Thriller
DirectorAntonio Campos
ActorJessica Biel as Cora Tannetti; Bill Pullman as Harry Ambrose; Nadia Alexander as Phoebe Lacey; Enid Graham as Elizabeth Lacey; Adam Lefevre as Police Chief; Joanna Adler as Detective Farmer; Kathryn Erbe as Fay Ambrose; Jacob Pitts as J.D.; Peggy Gormley as Judge Barrett; Robert Cuccioli as Bruce Herting; Dohn Norwood as Detective Dan Leroy; Susan Pourfar as Cora's Public Defender; Orlagh Cassidy as Elsa Belmont; Joseph Melendez as District Attorney Lopez; Christopher Abbott as Mason Tannetti
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyJody Lee Lipes; Radium Cheung
PlotA young mother is overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage and commits a startling act of violence and to her horror has no idea why. The event launches an inverted and utterly surprising crime thriller whose driving force is not the �who� or the �what� -- but the �why� -- as an investigator finds himself obsessed with uncovering the woman's buried motive. Together they travel a harrowing journey into the depths of her psyche and the violent secrets hidden in her past.
ProducerDerek Simonds; Michelle Purple
WriterDerek Simonds; Petra Hammesfahr
Sinner: Season 1