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Joe Kidd
TitleJoe Kidd
Time88 mins
DirectorJohn Sturges
ActorClint Eastwood as Joe Kidd; Robert Duvall as Frank Harlan; John Saxon as Luis Chama; Don Stroud as Lamarr Simms; Stella Garcia as Helen Sanchez; James Wainwright as Olin Mingo; Paul Koslo as Roy Gannon; Gregory Walcott as Sinola County Sheriff Bob Mitchell; Dick Van Patten as Hotel manager; Lynne Marta as Elma
RatingPG (Parental Guidance)
PlotA band of Mexicans find their U. S. land claims denied and all the records destroyed in a courthouse fire. Their leader, Louis Chama, encourages them to use force to regain their land. A wealthy landowner wanting the same decides to hire a gang of killers with Joe Kidd to track Chama.
ProducerSidney Beckerman
WriterElmore Leonard
SubtitlesSpanish; Portuguese; English (Closed Captioned)
Joe Kidd