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Family Thing - vhs
TitleFamily Thing - vhs
Time109 mins
GenreComedy; Drama
DirectorRichard Pearce
ActorErnie Adams as The Nightclub Band; J. Antonio Moon as Truckjacker; Michael Beach as Virgil; Xander Berkeley as Sunburned man; Eddie Bo Smith Jr. as Green Mill Bouncer; Jeri Boyle as Old lady; Tony Brown as The Nightclub Band; Tommy Bush as Old man; Wanda Christine as Woman at City Hall; Robert Duvall as Earl Pilcher Jr.; James Earl Jones as Ray Murdock; Phillip Edward Van Lear as Club Manager; Garry Goin as The Nightclub Band; Irma P. Hall as Aunt T.; James N. Harrell as Earl Pilcher Sr.
PlotEarl Pilcher Jr., runs an equipment rental outfit in Arkansas, lives with his wife and kids and parents, and rarely takes off his gimme cap. His mother dies, leaving a letter explaining he's not her natural son, but the son of a Black woman who died in childbirth; plus, he has a half brother Ray, in Chicago, she wants him to visit. Earl makes the trip, initially receiving a cold welcome from Ray and Ray's son, Virgil. His birth mother's sister, Aunt T., an aged and blind matriarch, takes Earl in tow and insists that the family open up to him.
ProducerRobert Duvall; Randa Haines
WriterBilly Bob Thornton; Tom Epperson
Family Thing - vhs