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Slap Shot 2: Breaking The Ice
TitleSlap Shot 2: Breaking The Ice
Time96 mins
GenreComedy; Sports
DirectorStephen Boyum
ActorStephen Baldwin as Sean Linden; Gary Busey as Richmond Claremont; Steve Carlson as Steve Hanson; David Hanson as Jack Hanson; David Hemmings as Martin Fox; David Paetkau as Gordie Miller; Jody Racicot as Gasmer; Callum Keith Rennie as Palmberg; Jonathan Scarfe as Skipper Day; Jessica Steen as Jessie Dage
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyJoel Ransom
PlotWith the original Hanson Brothers still on the same minor league ice hockey team, the Chiefs are sold to a new owner who gives them a female coach and puts them in a league in which they are to be regularly humiliated by an opposing Harlem Globetrotters-like team.
ProducerRon French
WriterNancy Dowd; Broderick Miller
SubtitlesEnglish; Spanish; Greek; English (Closed Captioned); Arabic; Czech; Hungarian; Romanian; Turkish
Slap Shot 2: Breaking The Ice