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Sherman's Way
TitleSherman's Way
Time97 mins
GenreComedy; Documentary
DirectorCraig M. Saavedra
ActorMichael Shulman as Sherman; Brooke Nevin as Addy; James LeGros as Palmer; Enrico Colantoni as D.J.; Donna Murphy as Evelyn Black; Lacey Chabert as Marcy; M. Emmet Walsh as Hoyt; Thomas Ian Nicholas as Tom; Tad Hilgenbrink as Taylor; Ryan Hansen as Kevin; Bob Bancroft as Professor Ardevaas; Cory DuVal as Repoman; Margaret Beach as Travel Agent; Olivia Leigh as Waittress
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyJoaquin Sedillo
PlotAn eccentric Olympic has-been who prefers leisure to work, finds himself stuck with a rigid pre-law Yale student with no time for wasting time. Between skinny-dipping and stealing cars, this odd-couple learn from each other that balance is the key to getting the girl, getting the job and getting a life.
ProducerTom Nance; Craig M Saavedra
WriterTom Nance
Sherman's Way