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Pain And Glory
TitlePain And Glory
Time113 mins
DirectorPedro Almod�var
ActorAntonio Banderas as Salvador Mallo; Asier Etxeandia as Alberto Crespo; Leonardo Sbaraglia as Federico Delgado; Nora Navas as Mercedes; Julieta Serrano as Jacinta; C�sar Vicente as Eduardo; Asier Flores as Salvador Mallo; Penelope Cruz as Jacinta; Cecilia Roth as Zulema; Susi S�nchez as Beata; Ra�l Ar�valo as Venancio Mallo; Pedro Casablanc as Dr. A. Galindo; Juli�n L�pez as Presentador; �va Martin as Radi�loga; Sara Sierra as Conchita
CinematographyJos� Luis Alcaine
PlotSalvador Mallo, a filmmaker in the twilight of his career, remembers his life: his mother, his lovers, the actors he worked with. The sixties in a small village in Valencia, the eighties in Madrid, the present, when he feels an immeasurable emptiness, facing his mortality, the incapability of continuing filming, the impossibility of separating creation from his own life. The need of narrating his past can be his salvation.
ProducerEsther Garcia; Agustin Almodovar
WriterPedro Almod�var
Pain And Glory