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Gemini Man
TitleGemini Man
Time117 mins
GenreDrama; Science Fiction; Thriller; Action
DirectorAng Lee
ActorWill Smith as Henry Brogan/Junior; Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Danny Zakarweski; Clive Owen as Clay Verris; Benedict Wong as Baron; Douglas Hodge as Jack Willis; Ralph Brown as Del Patterson; Linda Emond as Janet Lassiter; Ilia Volok as Yuri Kovacs; E.J. Bonilla as Marino; Victor Hugo as Junior On-Set Reference; David Shae as Bicycle Messenger; Theodora Miranne as Jack's Girlfriend; Diego Adonye as Henry's Dad; Lilla Banak as Henry's Mom; Igor Sz�sz as Valery Dormov
CinematographyDion Beebe
PlotAgeing assassin, Henry Brogen tries to get out of the business but finds himself in the ultimate battle�fighting his own clone who is 25 years younger than him, and at the peak of his abilities.
ProducerDon Murphy; Jerry Bruckheimer
WriterDavid Benioff; Billy Ray
Gemini Man