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Indestructible Man
TitleIndestructible Man
Time70 mins
GenreHorror; Science Fiction; Crime
DirectorJack Pollexfen
EditionCollector's Edition
ActorLon Chaney Jr. as Charles 'Butcher' Benton; Max Showalter as Police Lt. Dick Chasen; Marian Carr as Eva Martin; Ross Elliott as Paul Lowe; Stuart Randall as Police Capt. John Lauder; Ken Terrell as Joe Marcelli; Marjorie Stapp as Hysterical Young Woman; Robert Shayne as Prof. Bradshaw; Peggy Maley as Francine; Robert Foulk as Harry - Bar Owner; Reita Green as Carney's 'Bait'; Roy Engel as Desk Sergeant; Madge Cleveland as Screaming Woman; Chet Brandenburg as Police Officer with Flamethrower; Russell Custer as Police Officer
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyJohn L. Russell
PlotA scientific experiment involving subjecting a corpse to an extreme charge of electricity accidentally revives an executed criminal and makes him impervious to harm, allowing him to seek revenge on his former partners, and deal similarly with anyone else who gets in his way.
ProducerJack Pollexfen
WriterVy Russell; Sue Dwiggins
Indestructible Man