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Harold's Going Stiff
TitleHarold's Going Stiff
Time77 mins
GenreComedy; Drama; Horror
DirectorKeith Wright
ActorStan Rowe as Harold Gimble; Sarah Spencer as Penny Rudge; Andy Pandini as Jon Grayson; Phil Gascoyne as Norbert Shuttleworth; Lee Thompson as Mike Jacksmith; Richard Harrison as Colin; Liz Simmons as June Peterson; Michaela Anne Rowe as Grace Mathews; Roger Bingham as News Reporter; Molly Howe as Stacey Tattle; Michael Etheridge as Security Guard; Richard Atkinson as Zombie No. 7; Daniel Gosling as Lab Assistant; Jane Hardcastle as Charity Shop Owner; Alex Brock as Dr. Ash's Patient
PlotLonely pensioner, Harold Gimble, has become the first man to suffer from a new neurological disease that is slowly turning him into a zombie-like state. Harold�s hermit-like existence is shaken up when a vivacious nurse, Penny Rudge, is sent along to alleviate his stiffness. Her �special� massage techniques work a treat on Harold and they become close friends. Harold agrees to trial a possible cure for the disease at a private institute, and the initial results are excellent. But the following day he�s in an even worse state than before, and after Penny accidentally overhears the doctor�s dire prognosis for Harold she decides to sneak him away the next morning. Word soon gets out, and before long a small group of bloodthirsty thugs are pursuing Harold and Penny across dramatic moorlands in the hope of a kill.
ProducerRichard Guy
WriterKeith Wright
Harold's Going Stiff