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Walker, Texas Ranger: The Final Season
TitleWalker, Texas Ranger: The Final Season
Time1065 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Crime; Drama
DirectorAaron Norris; Michael Preece
ActorClarence Gilyard Jr. as James Trivette; Sheree J. Wilson as Alex Cahill; Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker; Nia Peeples as Sydney Cooke; Judson Mills as Francis Gage; Carey Scott; Jack Martin as Banquet Gunman; Stephanie Carney as Administrative Assistant; Steve M. Clark as Ranger; Michael Ironside as Nolan Pierce; Marshall R. Teague as Emile Lavocat; T.J. Thyne as Wallace Slausen; John Dennis Johnston as Shilts; Robert Wall as Battalion Chief; Peter Onorati as Sergeant Vincent Rosetti
RatingNR (Not Rated)
CinematographyRick Anderson; Fernando Arg�elles
PlotCordell Walker is a contemporary Texas Ranger working out of the Dallas office who believed in dealing with criminals the old-fashioned way--by beating them up. Despite the rules that governed the way law-enforcement officers were supposed to act. Walker's approach closely resembled the 'eye for an eye' school of crime fighting. His partner is young Jimmy Trivette, who had grown up in the slums of Baltimore and used football as his ticket to a college education and a career with the Dallas Cowboys until he busted his shoulder. Despite Jimmy's belief in computers and scientific criminology, working with Walker, always seemed to leave him bruised and sore--when Walker was trying to get information or take people into custody it was more than likely there would be a fistfight or karate kicks. County Assistant D.A. Alex Cahill, his sometimes girlfriend, frowned on Walker's methods, even if they did get results. When not on duty Walker and the others hung out at C.D.'s, the saloon
ProducerAaron Norris; Gordon T. Dawson
WriterPaul Haggis; Aaron Norris
Walker, Texas Ranger: The Final Season