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Dunston Checks In
TitleDunston Checks In
Time88 mins
GenreAdventure; Comedy; Family
DirectorKen Kwapis
ActorJason Alexander as Robert Grant; Faye Dunaway as Mrs. Dubrow; Eric Lloyd as Kyle Grant; Rupert Everett as Lord Rutledge; Graham Sack as Brian Grant; Paul Reubens as Buck LaFarge; Glenn Shadix as Lionel Spalding; Nathan Davis as Victor Dubrow; Jennifer Bassey as Mrs. Dellacroce; Judith Scott as Nancy; Bruce Beatty as Murray; Danny Comden as Norm; Steven Gilborn as Artie; Lois De Banzie as Mrs. Winthrop; Natalie Core as Mrs. Feldman
CinematographyPeter Lyons Collister
PlotHotel manager Robert Grant is forced by his boss to postpone his family vacation when a hotel critic checks in. Trouble is, the critic is really a villainous jewel thief with an orangutan assistant named Dunston. When Dunston gets loose and tries to escape a life of crime -- aided by Robert's sons -- havoc, hijinks and lots of laughs abound!
ProducerJohn T. Kretchmer; Todd Black
WriterBruce Graham; John Hopkins
Dunston Checks In