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Death Hunt
TitleDeath Hunt
Time97 mins
GenreAction; Adventure; Western
DirectorPeter R. Hunt
ActorCharles Bronson as Albert Johnson; Lee Marvin as Millen; Andrew Stevens as Alvin; Carl Weathers as Sundog; Ed Lauter as Hazel; Scott Hylands as The Pilot; Angie Dickinson as Vanessa McBride; Henry Beckman as Bill Luce; William Sanderson as Ned Warren; Jon Cedar as Hawkins; James O'Connell as Hurley; Len Lesser as Lewis; Richard Davalos as Beeler; Maury Chaykin as Clarence; August Schellenberg as Deak De Bleargue
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyJames Devis
PlotYukon Territory, Canada, November 1931. Albert Johnson, a trapper who lives alone in the mountains, buys a dog almost dead after a brutal dogfight, a good deed that will put him in trouble.
ProducerRaymond Chow; Murray Shostak
WriterMichael Grais; Mark Victor
Death Hunt