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Sweet Revenge
TitleSweet Revenge
Time90 mins
GenreComedy; Romance; Crime
DirectorMalcolm Mowbray
ActorSam Neill as Henry Bell; Helena Bonham Carter as Karen Knightly; Kristin Scott Thomas as Imogen Staxton-Billing; Rupert Graves as Oliver Knightly; Martin Clunes as Anthony Staxton-Billing; Steve Coogan as Bruce Tick; John Wood as Col. Marcus; Liz Smith as Winnie; Anita Dobson as Daphne Teal; Charlotte Coleman as Norma; Adrian Scarborough as Percy Cutting; Sandra Reinton as Hilary Tick; Zoe Hilson as Lydia; Jamie O'Brien as Damien Tick; Fran�ois Domange as Wine Waiter
RatingPG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
CinematographyRomain Winding
PlotAfter saving each other from jumping off a bridge, Henry Bell and Karen Knightly plot to avenge the people who drove them to suicide. Henry will ruin the life of the woman who married Karen's boyfriend, while Karen will work as a secretary for the man who took Henry's job. Whether revenge will be sweet � or bittersweet � is anyone's guess.
ProducerMarina Gefter; Simon Bosanquet
WriterMalcolm Mowbray; Alan Ayckbourn
Sweet Revenge