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Solar Crisis
TitleSolar Crisis
Time112 mins
GenreDrama; Adventure; Science Fiction; Thriller; Action
DirectorRichard C. Sarafian; Alan Smithee
ActorTim Matheson as Steve Kelso; Charlton Heston as Adm. 'Skeet' Kelso; Peter Boyle as Arnold Teague; Annabel Schofield as Alex Noffe; Corin Nemec as Mike Kelso; Tetsuya Bessho as Ken Minami; Jack Palance as Travis; Dorian Harewood as Borg; Paul Koslo as Haas; Sandy McPeak as Gurney; Silvana Gallardo as T.C.; Dan Shor as Harvard; Scott Allan Campbell as McBride; Frantz Turner as Lamare; Richard S. Scott as Meeks
RatingPG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)
CinematographyRussell Carpenter
PlotA huge solar flare is predicted to fry the Earth. Astronauts aboard the spaceship Helios must go to the Sun to drop a bomb equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (Freddy) and a Japanese pilot (as a back up if the Artificial Intelligence fail) at the right time so the flare will point somewhere else.
ProducerJames Nelson; Takeshi Kawata
WriterJoe Gannon; Takeshi Kawata
Solar Crisis