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Sidewalks Of New York
TitleSidewalks Of New York
Time108 mins
GenreComedy; Drama; Romance
DirectorEdward Burns
EditionSpecial Edition
ActorPenny Balfour as Young Hooker; Edward Burns as Tommy; Michael Leydon Campbell as Gio / Harry; Nadia Dajani as Hilary; Rosario Dawson as Maria; Kathleen Doyle as Katy; Dennis Farina as Carpo; Heather Graham as Annie; Leah Gray as Dental Hygienist; Timothy Jerome as Dr. Lance; David Krumholtz as Ben; Libby Langdon as Make-up Girl; Alicia Meer as Elevator Girl; Brittany Murphy as Ashley; Ted Neustadt as Doctor
RatingR (Restricted)
CinematographyFrank Prinzi
PlotThe film follows the marital and dating lives of three men and three women who unknowingly form a tangled web of relationships. Interspersing 'man on the street' interviews with scenes from the six characters' lives, the film weaves a humorous and biting commentary on the game of love -- easy to start, hard to finish.
ProducerEdward Burns; Cathy Schulman
WriterEdward Burns
Sidewalks Of New York